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Family Dentist in Coronado

Family and General Dentistry

Proudly serving the great community of Coronado

Isabella Avenue Dentistry is proud to become your local general and family dental office. You won’t find traditional thoughts coursing through the minds of the experienced professionals at this dental office. Instead of treating just what is wrong and sending you on your way, they have an approach overall health and wellness. If health issues in your mouth are discovered, Dr. Leslie and Dr. Scott want to identify the root cause. If it affects your body elsewhere, they will inform you so that you address this with your primary physician.

Cavities and Fillings

One of the top procedures that fall under general dentistry is fillings, which are placed after a cavity has been detected and cleaned thoroughly. We offer several types of fillings, and will discuss which is right for you before we begin the process. It is important that you seek treatment for your cavities right away, as delaying treatment for tooth decay can lead to more complex and costly dental issues. We offer a very soothing environment, where a cleaning is like a mani pedi at a spa! If you need a cavity filled, give our offices a call.

We Can Treat All Members of the Family

The entire family is welcome to come and see us here at Isabella Family Dentistry. We have a firm belief that families are what makes us who we are. Dental education should begin at a young age, so the sooner we can start seeing patients, the better! Children have a better understanding of how imperative it is to take care of their oral health when they have a solid and positive relationship with their dentist. We want to be the one that answers their questions and are there to help them see the benefits in coming to see us. We start seeing children at a young age, and are here to help them for the rest of their lives. When generations of families are under our care at the same time, it promotes excellent oral hygiene habits at home!

Other General Dentistry Services

At Isabella Avenue Dentistry, we provide a wide variety of general dental services. You can come and see us for:

  • Cleanings and Examinations
  • Extractions
  • Gum Checkups
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Crowns
  • Dental Sealants
  • And more!

Meet our family here at Isabella Avenue Dentistry and become a part of it. We want to fold you into our family, inviting you to grow and expand with us in the most alluring and approachable office in the area! Visit us today and let us provide you with the exceptional oral health services that you both need and deserve!

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What Our

Patients Have To Say

“Building Long-Term Relationships”

“We are truly excited and eager to meet each and every one of you, and I anticipate a long and fruitful relationship for many years to come!”

- Dr. Leslie

We are pleased to become your Coronado dental office. Become part of our dental family and visit us at 1012 Isabella Ave., Coronado, CA 92118.

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Wondering how the dentists here at Isabella Avenue Dentistry can help you with your dental needs? Call us at 619-435-0147.

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Dr. Leslie and Dr. Scott are honored to be your Coronado dentist. Relax and enjoy your time here at Isabella Avenue Dentistry.

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